Monday, 23 February 2009

"We shall take this planet from the puny Earthlings!"

Sub Zero - Episode 6.

The Doctor's radio message comes too late, and the Daleks decimate the city of Sydney with a polaris missile... they don't waste any time subjugating the survivors in typical Dalek fashion, which to the uninitiated involves rounding up refugees, taking them as slaves to do their evil bidding and exterminating any that attempt to escape. It is soon revealed that survivors are being put to work in a makeshift Dalek factory, using genetic material from humans to create a new race of Daleks (Parting of the Ways, anyone?)

Meanwhile, the Doctor wastes no time in appealing to the Australian authorities, currently gathered in Melbourne, that using conventional weapons against the Daleks will fail and that the best option is to let him and Lt. Davis penetrate the Dalek's camp in order to discover exactly what they're up to. The Australian government reluctantly agree and our two heroes sneak into the ruined city under the cover of darkness in a battered pick up truck, however they are soon surrounded by a gang of Dalek slaves and ordered to get out of the vehicle. At that moment, one of the slaves moves towards Lt. Davis with a sinister looking device...

Monday, 16 February 2009

"Prepare for nuclear missle attack!"

Sub Zero - Episode 5

The Doctor and Lt. Davis take to the air in the WWI bi-plane, but soon they are running out of fuel... it looks like they're going to have to ditch in the freezing ocean, when they spot a weather survey ship. Through luck as much as anything, they manage to crash-land on the deck, un-harmed. The Doctor demands to use the ship's radio as soon as possible, in order to warn Australia of the impending Dalek attack... but it looks like he is too late as the Dalek commander orders the launch of the deadly Polaris missiles...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

"Preperations will now begin for the final domination of Earth!"

Sub Zero Episode 4

The Daleks plan to conquer the world using a captured US Navy nuclear submarine with a full arsenal of Polaris missiles. The Doctor and Lieutenant Davis finally discover the Daleks' secret base, but it seems they are too late, as they the Daleks and their fleet of human slave ships head out across the ocean - the attack plan is already in operation, but what is the target? The Doctor, refusing to give up and realising time is now very short commandeers the fastest vehicle left abandoned in the base... a World War 1 British bi-plane... but will it fly? And if it does, will there be enough fuel to make it to the Dalek submarine, or will they crash in to the sea killing them both?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

"Somewhere in this polar waste, something pretty deadly to Earth is Hiding!"

Sub Zero - Episode 3

Time is running out for the Doctor and Lt. Davis, as the Daleks put the first stage of their plan to conquor the Earth into operation - first they Exterminate all life at the weather station, before torching the base itself, in order to prevent anyone using the station's radio equipment to send out a warning. As their plane returns to the base, the Doctor realise things have gone badly wrong, when they get no radio guidence from the base as they try to land in the encroaching blizzard... then they spot the base itself is ablaze.

Unable to find a safe place to land due to bad visibility, Davis is forced to crash the plane into a snowdrift when the fuel runs out. The two stagger from the wreckage, fortunately alive, but with nowhere to go for shelter. The Doctor decides the only option is to follow the tracks left by the base's attackers - they set off as the blizzard begins to worsen... will they make it alive?

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