Sunday, 17 May 2009

"They're all following like sheep!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 7

Finney and the Doctor are being hunted down by the Daleks deep in the jungles of Skaro. As they flee an approaching Dalek patrol, the pair run into a giant dinosaur-like reptile, which promptly skewers a Dalek on one of it's horns, giving Finney an idea. The Dalek patrol promptly barbecue the beast with their exterminators, buying our heroes a little extra time to make their escape. Soon they find the rest of the reptile herd, giving Finney a chance to try out his idea...

Monday, 4 May 2009

"Can the Daleks operate your ship?"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 6

As the TARDIS plunges into the Sun, a desperate struggle for the control of the Doctor's precious vessel begins. However, at the moment of destruction, the TARDIS' navigation computer obviously has a Windows moment and reboots, catapulting her and her occupants back to their point of origin - in this case Skaro. The force of the crash landing throws the Daleks on to their sides, giving the Doctor and Finney chance to escape into the jungle before they can right themselves (presumably using their hovering ability, as it's not shown!) and quickly begin to implement a plan of sabotage - but before they can execute it, the local wildlife pays them an unexpected visit!


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