Sunday, 20 September 2009

Out in space, among a myriad stars that edge the Milky Way...

The Dalek Revenge - Episode One

The Daleks arrive on the planet Ercos and immediately begin subjugating the dominant life form, the Klims, a race of peace loving Centaur like beings. As the majority of the populace are massacred, a small amount of resistance fighters flee into the forest to regroup. Meanwhile, lightyears away on Earth, the Doctor and Sarah-Jane are off for a spot of lunch, but Bessie has other ideas...

Monday, 31 August 2009

"Even if I get back to the TARDIS, am I going to get away before the missile comes down?"

The Threat From Beneath - Episode 3

Just as the Doctor thinks he has the situation in hand, a Royal Navy Submarine turns up throwing a spanner in the works. But the Sub's crew are soon overcome by hypnotic Dalek sonar, which zombifies them all into Dalek slaves. The Doctor quickly works out that they intend to use the crew of the Sub make deadly use of the vessels nuclear arsenal. However, if he can create a big enough distraction, the Doctor might just be able to turn their newly acquired weaponry against them, but will he be able to escape in time?

Monday, 27 July 2009

"I'm going to try to prevent you humans from destroying yourselves!"

The Threat from Beneath - Episode 2

International tensions escalate and suspicion in Whitehall leads the Western World ever closer to war with the Soviet Union. The Doctor fails to convince the authorities that it is aliens responsible for the satellites that were destroyed, not Russian missiles. Desperate to prevent mankind from wiping itself out, the Doctor begins his own investigations, starting with a visit to Jodrell Bank. Sure enough, something from space came down in the Pacific Ocean last night. With help from the Time Lords, the Doctor points the TARDIS at precisely the correct location on the ocean bed, where he makes a shocking discovery...

Sunday, 28 June 2009

"No-one questions my authority! I am the law!"

The Threat From Beneath - Episode 1

The final story of the Countdown/TV Action trilogy as drawn by Gerry Haylock. The Daleks return to Earth in a saucer that hides itself on the sea bed, but not before it destroys a number of surveillence satellites. This threatens to trigger an international crisis, as East and West suspect each other are responsible for the attack. The Doctor is called to Whitehall by General Sanders in the hope that he can figure out what really happened out in Earth's orbit...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

"You have lost the final battle! Now I must exterminate you!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 8

It's Daleks vs Dinosuars in a fight to the death on the surface of Skaro. It all goes swimmingly well for the Doctor and Finney until they race back into the Tardis to find the Supreme Dalek has survived the carnage and has gained control of the Doctor's ship. It looks like all is lost as the Tardis returns to the Dalek city with the Doctor and Finney as prisoners, but there may be one last chance to turn defeat into victory and end the Dalek menace! This is the concluding episode of 'Planet of the Daleks' so a new strip will commence next blog!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

"They're all following like sheep!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 7

Finney and the Doctor are being hunted down by the Daleks deep in the jungles of Skaro. As they flee an approaching Dalek patrol, the pair run into a giant dinosaur-like reptile, which promptly skewers a Dalek on one of it's horns, giving Finney an idea. The Dalek patrol promptly barbecue the beast with their exterminators, buying our heroes a little extra time to make their escape. Soon they find the rest of the reptile herd, giving Finney a chance to try out his idea...

Monday, 4 May 2009

"Can the Daleks operate your ship?"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 6

As the TARDIS plunges into the Sun, a desperate struggle for the control of the Doctor's precious vessel begins. However, at the moment of destruction, the TARDIS' navigation computer obviously has a Windows moment and reboots, catapulting her and her occupants back to their point of origin - in this case Skaro. The force of the crash landing throws the Daleks on to their sides, giving the Doctor and Finney chance to escape into the jungle before they can right themselves (presumably using their hovering ability, as it's not shown!) and quickly begin to implement a plan of sabotage - but before they can execute it, the local wildlife pays them an unexpected visit!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

'I am a Dalek. You will obey my orders.'

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 5

It looks like Finney is too late - the mind altering operation is complete and the Doctor is now one of the Daleks! They plan to invade the Earth via the Tardis. The Doctor advises Finney to be brought along - he will be useful in advising how the human population may behave. Finney believes he has no hope unless he can attack the Doctor and therefore sabotage the Dalek's commandeering of the time machine. In a brief moment alone with the Doctor, Finney seizes his opportunity and attacks him, at which point the Doctor reveals the mind control operation has failed and that the Tardis is not on it's way to Earth, but is actually hurtling on a collision course to the sun - a rendezvous that will finish the Daleks plans to conquor the Earth forever...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

"I am the Dalek Leader... you will obey!"

The Planet of the Daleks - Episode 4

The Doctor and Finney are captured, but the Doctor bargains for Finney's life. The Daleks agree that Finney may go free after the Doctor has been converted into a Dalek. The Daleks reckon on the Doctor's experience being of paramount importance when it comes to correcting the Daleks' failures over the years, so the plan is to convert the Doctor not just into one of them, but their leader!

Meanwhile, Finney employs some of his criminal guile to escape the Dalek cell and reunite himself with his only chance of getting home - the Doctor! But it looks like he manages to find him just a few seconds too late...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

"Dr Who will be brought to the planet of the Daleks!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 3

The Daleks' trap is sprung and the Tardis is pulled through time and space to their home planet of Skaro. The Doctor and his accidental travelling companion Finney soon become cut off from the Tardis and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins within the Dalek city. The Doctor seems to think the only way to survive and buy themselves some extra time is to escape from the city itself into the dangerous wastelands outside. However, it looks like that plan is scuppered before it can even get started, as Finney gets his foot trapped in a closing dalek door...

Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Something's taken over the TARDIS! I'm not in control!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 2

Things begin to 'hot up' for the Doctor this week, in more ways than one! The bogus scientist who revealed himself as a thief last week attempts a break-in on the TARDIS. But the Doctor is waiting for him... When he arrives in the cellar of the Doctor's house (yes, you heard that right!) and begins to pick the TARDIS lock, the Doctor jumps out from behind a clothing screen and confronts him, telling him he had rumbled the fact that he was an imposter, with desires on the Time Lord's prize possession. A fight ensues and in the struggle, the assailant releases what he thinks will be a harmless smoke bomb, in order to make good his escape. But the plan back fires and before you can say 'Your cellar's on fire' the basement was is ablaze, leaving no way out. Thinking on his feet, the Doctor manages to pull himself and the burgler into the old police box, which promtly dematerialises... but the Daleks are waiting with their 'time vector' device and the moment the ship takes flight, the trap is sprung - snaring the Doctor and his unikely companion...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"If Dr Who uses his Tardis once more he will be at the mercy of the Daleks!"

The Planet of the Daleks - Episode One

Welcome to the prophetically titled opening installment of the 1972 sequel to Sub Zero, which is the 2nd adventure in the Countdown/TV Action Dalek trilogy. In this episode, the Daleks, furious at their recent defeat in Sydney by the Doctor, plan to track and capture the Tardis using a device they refer to as the "Time Vector" the next time the Doctor takes flight. Meanwhile, on Earth, a member of a group of scientists visiting the Doctor in his cottage turns out to be an imposter who also has intentions on the Doctor's old Police Box...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

"Come on you evil creatures... if I am to die, so will you"

Sub Zero - Episode 8

The concluding instalment of this 1972 story. The city of Sydney lies in ruins it's surviving population facing slavery or conversion into a new breed of Dalek, but can the Doctor and Lt Davis prevent the rest of the world suffering the same fate? Facing extermination, the Doctor dives into the harbour, trying to buy Davis some extra time to get the van carrying their "special equipment" into position. As the Daleks give chase, the Doctor leads them right into his trap, but will he be located and exterminated before he can trick them into his snare?

A new adventure begins next week!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

"You are trapped, Doctor Who! This time there is no escape!"

Sub Zero - Episode 7.

In the penultimate installment of this 1972 adventure the Daleks true plans are revealed. The Doctor and Lt. Davis manage to sneak their way in to the heart of the Dalek camp, where the they confront the supreme Dalek, who recognises the Doctor immediately. Our two heroes manage to escape, by splitting up and causing maximum confusion, but eventually, the Doctor is cornered by the dock, with no escape... beautifully drawn by stalwart brit strip artist Gerry Haylock, this story concludes next time.

Monday, 23 February 2009

"We shall take this planet from the puny Earthlings!"

Sub Zero - Episode 6.

The Doctor's radio message comes too late, and the Daleks decimate the city of Sydney with a polaris missile... they don't waste any time subjugating the survivors in typical Dalek fashion, which to the uninitiated involves rounding up refugees, taking them as slaves to do their evil bidding and exterminating any that attempt to escape. It is soon revealed that survivors are being put to work in a makeshift Dalek factory, using genetic material from humans to create a new race of Daleks (Parting of the Ways, anyone?)

Meanwhile, the Doctor wastes no time in appealing to the Australian authorities, currently gathered in Melbourne, that using conventional weapons against the Daleks will fail and that the best option is to let him and Lt. Davis penetrate the Dalek's camp in order to discover exactly what they're up to. The Australian government reluctantly agree and our two heroes sneak into the ruined city under the cover of darkness in a battered pick up truck, however they are soon surrounded by a gang of Dalek slaves and ordered to get out of the vehicle. At that moment, one of the slaves moves towards Lt. Davis with a sinister looking device...

Monday, 16 February 2009

"Prepare for nuclear missle attack!"

Sub Zero - Episode 5

The Doctor and Lt. Davis take to the air in the WWI bi-plane, but soon they are running out of fuel... it looks like they're going to have to ditch in the freezing ocean, when they spot a weather survey ship. Through luck as much as anything, they manage to crash-land on the deck, un-harmed. The Doctor demands to use the ship's radio as soon as possible, in order to warn Australia of the impending Dalek attack... but it looks like he is too late as the Dalek commander orders the launch of the deadly Polaris missiles...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

"Preperations will now begin for the final domination of Earth!"

Sub Zero Episode 4

The Daleks plan to conquer the world using a captured US Navy nuclear submarine with a full arsenal of Polaris missiles. The Doctor and Lieutenant Davis finally discover the Daleks' secret base, but it seems they are too late, as they the Daleks and their fleet of human slave ships head out across the ocean - the attack plan is already in operation, but what is the target? The Doctor, refusing to give up and realising time is now very short commandeers the fastest vehicle left abandoned in the base... a World War 1 British bi-plane... but will it fly? And if it does, will there be enough fuel to make it to the Dalek submarine, or will they crash in to the sea killing them both?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

"Somewhere in this polar waste, something pretty deadly to Earth is Hiding!"

Sub Zero - Episode 3

Time is running out for the Doctor and Lt. Davis, as the Daleks put the first stage of their plan to conquor the Earth into operation - first they Exterminate all life at the weather station, before torching the base itself, in order to prevent anyone using the station's radio equipment to send out a warning. As their plane returns to the base, the Doctor realise things have gone badly wrong, when they get no radio guidence from the base as they try to land in the encroaching blizzard... then they spot the base itself is ablaze.

Unable to find a safe place to land due to bad visibility, Davis is forced to crash the plane into a snowdrift when the fuel runs out. The two stagger from the wreckage, fortunately alive, but with nowhere to go for shelter. The Doctor decides the only option is to follow the tracks left by the base's attackers - they set off as the blizzard begins to worsen... will they make it alive?

Monday, 26 January 2009

"The way is open! Enter and EXTERMINATE!"

Sub Zero - Episode 2

The Doctor begins to unravel the mystery of the 'doors in the ice', realising that is by no means the first time they have swallowed a ship in this area... Deciding they don't have a moment to lose if they are going to rescue the rest of the missing submariners, the Doctor and Lt. Davis procure a plane belonging to the base and head for the area where the sub disappeared.

Meanwhile, while they're away, 'ghostly' apparitions of what should be long dead sailors move against the unsuspecting research scientists, fooling them into opening the main doors of the base to allow their evil masters access so that their conquest of the Earth can finally begin...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

"Jumping Jehosophat! Who in the name of...?"

Sub Zero - Episode 1

Back this week with a brand new adventure... this time, the 3rd Doctor is up against his favourite foe in glorious technicolour! This is the first of a Dalek trilogy of stories from the Countdown/TV Action years that are loosely linked together. A US Navy nuclear submarine goes missing while patroling the Antarctic and the only escaping survivor manages to stagger to the nearest outpost of civilisation - a weather research station, which by chance is being visited by the Doctor. When the frost bitten sub mariner collapses into the Doctor's arms muttering about the USS Jefferson disappearing into 'doors in the ice', the Doctor's suspicion is aroused - greater forces than those of Earth are at work here, but who?

Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Doctor has failed! This ship will be his tomb!

Return of the Daleks - Episode 8

That's right readers, it's the end of the line for the Dalek sphere, thanks to some trigger happy mutants blasting at the Doctor and Sarah-Jane's reflection on the surface of the cooling system. All hell breaks loose as the ship begins to plummet into the surface of the sun and it soon becomes a desperate race to get off the ship before it melts down...
The supreme Dalek decides to abandon ship (after an aborted attempt to pull away from the sun's gravity) via their newly constructed Tardis fleet. However, surprize surprize, the Cirenium ore was a ruse on the Doctor's part and one by one the tardises explode on take off. The Doctor and Sarah-Jane race back to the real Tardis in a desperate attempt to get off the dying ship, but without time to fit the Biseetyl rods, it looks like our heroes are doomed...

Don't miss this gripping conclusion!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

"Perhaps you'd like to do a little modelling?"

Return of the Daleks - Episode 7.
If a strange man with a bag of sweeties asks you if you are interested in doing some modelling, you'd tell an adult, right? Not Sarah-Jane Smith. she's happy to go along with anything the Doctor requests, which is just as well, as he claims to be hatching a plan to put an end to the Daleks' plans of galactic domination... so the tension mounts as the mutant meanies close in with cries of "Exterminate!" Shazar returns to the Dalek ship with the required Cirenium but minus his Dalek escorts (they were zapped by the Time Lords last week, remember?) the Daleks don't bat a dome lid at this suspicous turn of events, but then, they're busy trying to locate the Doctor. Of course, Shazar knows exactly where he is, (he's read the script) and so leads the hapless metal morons straight to our heroes... as the Daleks close in, it looks like the end... and it is -next week! Don't miss the heart stopping conclusion!

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