Wednesday, 22 April 2009

'I am a Dalek. You will obey my orders.'

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 5

It looks like Finney is too late - the mind altering operation is complete and the Doctor is now one of the Daleks! They plan to invade the Earth via the Tardis. The Doctor advises Finney to be brought along - he will be useful in advising how the human population may behave. Finney believes he has no hope unless he can attack the Doctor and therefore sabotage the Dalek's commandeering of the time machine. In a brief moment alone with the Doctor, Finney seizes his opportunity and attacks him, at which point the Doctor reveals the mind control operation has failed and that the Tardis is not on it's way to Earth, but is actually hurtling on a collision course to the sun - a rendezvous that will finish the Daleks plans to conquor the Earth forever...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

"I am the Dalek Leader... you will obey!"

The Planet of the Daleks - Episode 4

The Doctor and Finney are captured, but the Doctor bargains for Finney's life. The Daleks agree that Finney may go free after the Doctor has been converted into a Dalek. The Daleks reckon on the Doctor's experience being of paramount importance when it comes to correcting the Daleks' failures over the years, so the plan is to convert the Doctor not just into one of them, but their leader!

Meanwhile, Finney employs some of his criminal guile to escape the Dalek cell and reunite himself with his only chance of getting home - the Doctor! But it looks like he manages to find him just a few seconds too late...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

"Dr Who will be brought to the planet of the Daleks!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 3

The Daleks' trap is sprung and the Tardis is pulled through time and space to their home planet of Skaro. The Doctor and his accidental travelling companion Finney soon become cut off from the Tardis and a deadly game of cat and mouse begins within the Dalek city. The Doctor seems to think the only way to survive and buy themselves some extra time is to escape from the city itself into the dangerous wastelands outside. However, it looks like that plan is scuppered before it can even get started, as Finney gets his foot trapped in a closing dalek door...

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