Sunday, 31 July 2011

A few more seconds and the Dalek search squad will reduce this area to a pile of rubble!

The Exterminator pt4
While Dr Who is trying to overthrow the guards of the Dalek Earth Exterminator, John and Gillian find their hide-out is under attack...
PLEASE NOTE: This is the final installment of the last of the TV Comic strips that featured the Doctor battling the Daleks. I do have ALL the TV Comic, TV Action and Countdown strips from the 60s and 70s, but I will only continue to blog them in serial format if you request that I do so... otherwise, our journey with Doctor Who's comic strips from this era is now at an end... thanks for reading!

"We may not live longe enough to know whether or not the Doctor has managed to save the earth from destruction!"

The Exterminator pt3
The Daleks have built a giant Exterminator to destroy Earth. It's crew are being carried to the weapon by train, when Dr. Who de-rails it...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

"Every Dalek in the station will be up here within minutes!

The Exterminator pt.2

Dr Who, John and Gillian, while hiding in a Dalek railway station learn that their arch enemies are planning to destroy Earth with a giant Exterminator...

Sunday, 1 May 2011

It will be used to exterminate Earth in one blast!

The Exterminator Pt.1

The Tardis materialises behind a large rock and the three space travellers emerge. In the distance they see a huge space age train hurtling towards them. They take cover and watch it pass by...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

"You are pretending to be the Supreme - you must be exterminated!"

The Doctor Strikes Back Pt.4

In his home-made Dalek, Dr. Who has caused havoc on a Dalek outpost. The Supreme radios for the chaos to stop. Dr Who changes the message unaware that another Dalek is behind him...

NEXT EPISODE: The Exterminator

Sunday, 3 April 2011

"Stop all exterminating at once! I will take charge when I arrive!"

The Doctor Strikes Back Pt.3

Inside his home-made dalek, Dr Who is mingling with Dalek work parties who are extracting materials which they intend to use to produce more of their number. A party of Daleks has spotted the Doctor... don't miss the thrilling conclusion next time!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

"The game's up! I'll never out-run a whole garrison of Daleks!"

The Doctor Strikes Back Pt.2

Tha Tardis has landed in a small cave on a planet occupied by the Daleks. The Doctor has built a 'Dalek' which he can drive from the inside and has set off to mingle with their garrison...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

"This is my great chance to get revenge on the daleks!"

The Doctor Strikes Back Pt.1

Intending to inflict a devastating blow against the Daleks, Dr Who sends the Tardis whirling through time. Meanwhile, he has been hard at work in his laboratory for hours... John and Gillian are beginning to worry about him, when suddenly the lab door bursts open...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

"This is the last occasion I shall run from the Daleks!"

The Trodos Ambush Pt.4
Dr. Who has left John and Gillian in the safe hands of friendly Trods, while he checks on what the Dalek battle squads are up to. He immobilizes a solitary Dalek, but then comes face to face with firing squad. This is the final installment of this strip from 1967. Next episode: "The Doctor Strikes Back part 1"

Sunday, 20 February 2011

You are a fool and fools must be exterminated!

The Trodos Ambush pt.3

Dr. Who, Gillian, John and four Trods are concealed in a large underground city beneath the surface of Trodos. The Daleks have formed squads and are involved in a systematic search for their enemies...

Sunday, 13 February 2011

"We recognise you Dr Who! You are our friend. The Daleks must be stopped!"

The Trodos Ambush Pt. 2

Dr. Who and his grandchildren have arrived on Trodos to find that the Trods with whom they had hoped to sign a peace treaty, have been crushed by the Daleks. Our three heroes now face extermination...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

"When Dr. Who arrives, there must be no Trods left to sign his peace treaty!"

The Trodos Ambush - Part 1
Dr. Who is on his way to Trodos to sign a peace treaty with the Trods.Word reaches the Daleks that this is about to happen and they descend on the Trods in full force...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

More Dalek adventures to follow... finally!

Hi everyone... I apologise for the (2nd) long term rest in posting these strips, but there is a good reason! I had actually RUN OUT of Doctor vs Dalek strips! I was still in need of 3 TV comic strips from the Troughton era that feature the Daleks. Well, 3 months later, after some frenzied ebay watching and then bidding, followed by the borrowing of a decent scanner, I can finally bring you those final strips. After these strips are exhausted, I will run non Dalek strips and the name of the blog will change ever so slightly to reflect this. I pretty much have all of the TV comic and Countdown strips, so if you have any that you particularly remember fondly (That one with the Quarks/Scarecrows/flying bicycle/delete as applicable) then feel free to comment and I will post it.
Just in case you're new here - I won't be posting any TV21 Dalek strips or any from DW Weekly/Monthly. Where possible, I use scans of ORIGINAL comics, NOT the DW Classic Comic reprints (Some of these are of questionable quality, especially the colouring) There are a number of Doctor Who strips from TV Comic Holiday Specials, Doctor Who Holiday Specials and TV Comic Annuals. I WILL be posting these. In the mean time, before I post the first episode of a new adventure from the Troughton era, I thought I'd share this:
It's a paper craft version of the TARDIS as seen in Dave Gibbon's Doctor Who weekly strips. I love his simplistic stylised interpretation of the Police Box exterior and I've thought for a long time it would make a lovely paper model and it only took me a couple of hours to draw it out. In earlier strips, the Tardis was
flat roofed and so you have the option to fit a flar roof or a sloping one. simply print out these two pages on a4 paper or thin card and get cutting. If you do actually make the model, I'd love to see it, as I actually haven't made it myself yet! Have fun...

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