Sunday, 4 January 2009

"Perhaps you'd like to do a little modelling?"

Return of the Daleks - Episode 7.
If a strange man with a bag of sweeties asks you if you are interested in doing some modelling, you'd tell an adult, right? Not Sarah-Jane Smith. she's happy to go along with anything the Doctor requests, which is just as well, as he claims to be hatching a plan to put an end to the Daleks' plans of galactic domination... so the tension mounts as the mutant meanies close in with cries of "Exterminate!" Shazar returns to the Dalek ship with the required Cirenium but minus his Dalek escorts (they were zapped by the Time Lords last week, remember?) the Daleks don't bat a dome lid at this suspicous turn of events, but then, they're busy trying to locate the Doctor. Of course, Shazar knows exactly where he is, (he's read the script) and so leads the hapless metal morons straight to our heroes... as the Daleks close in, it looks like the end... and it is -next week! Don't miss the heart stopping conclusion!

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