Saturday, 5 February 2011

More Dalek adventures to follow... finally!

Hi everyone... I apologise for the (2nd) long term rest in posting these strips, but there is a good reason! I had actually RUN OUT of Doctor vs Dalek strips! I was still in need of 3 TV comic strips from the Troughton era that feature the Daleks. Well, 3 months later, after some frenzied ebay watching and then bidding, followed by the borrowing of a decent scanner, I can finally bring you those final strips. After these strips are exhausted, I will run non Dalek strips and the name of the blog will change ever so slightly to reflect this. I pretty much have all of the TV comic and Countdown strips, so if you have any that you particularly remember fondly (That one with the Quarks/Scarecrows/flying bicycle/delete as applicable) then feel free to comment and I will post it.
Just in case you're new here - I won't be posting any TV21 Dalek strips or any from DW Weekly/Monthly. Where possible, I use scans of ORIGINAL comics, NOT the DW Classic Comic reprints (Some of these are of questionable quality, especially the colouring) There are a number of Doctor Who strips from TV Comic Holiday Specials, Doctor Who Holiday Specials and TV Comic Annuals. I WILL be posting these. In the mean time, before I post the first episode of a new adventure from the Troughton era, I thought I'd share this:
It's a paper craft version of the TARDIS as seen in Dave Gibbon's Doctor Who weekly strips. I love his simplistic stylised interpretation of the Police Box exterior and I've thought for a long time it would make a lovely paper model and it only took me a couple of hours to draw it out. In earlier strips, the Tardis was
flat roofed and so you have the option to fit a flar roof or a sloping one. simply print out these two pages on a4 paper or thin card and get cutting. If you do actually make the model, I'd love to see it, as I actually haven't made it myself yet! Have fun...


Celestial Fundy said...

The one with the Scarecrows is a classic I would like to see.

Spacewarp said...

There was one I remember (though I don't know if it was TV Comic), with the 2nd Doctor. The TARDIS lands on this unmanned ship travelling across an ocean. The Doctor finds out that the ship is an automated bomb heading to obliterate a foreign power, protected from outside attack by a force-field. Unfortunately that same force-field is preventing the TARDIS from dematerialising! Unless the TARDIS crew can disable the force-field and the bomb, they will be trapped on the vessel when it explodes!

I should write Dr Who blurb for Radio Times!


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