Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Something's taken over the TARDIS! I'm not in control!"

Planet of the Daleks - Episode 2

Things begin to 'hot up' for the Doctor this week, in more ways than one! The bogus scientist who revealed himself as a thief last week attempts a break-in on the TARDIS. But the Doctor is waiting for him... When he arrives in the cellar of the Doctor's house (yes, you heard that right!) and begins to pick the TARDIS lock, the Doctor jumps out from behind a clothing screen and confronts him, telling him he had rumbled the fact that he was an imposter, with desires on the Time Lord's prize possession. A fight ensues and in the struggle, the assailant releases what he thinks will be a harmless smoke bomb, in order to make good his escape. But the plan back fires and before you can say 'Your cellar's on fire' the basement was is ablaze, leaving no way out. Thinking on his feet, the Doctor manages to pull himself and the burgler into the old police box, which promtly dematerialises... but the Daleks are waiting with their 'time vector' device and the moment the ship takes flight, the trap is sprung - snaring the Doctor and his unikely companion...

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