Sunday, 1 March 2009

"You are trapped, Doctor Who! This time there is no escape!"

Sub Zero - Episode 7.

In the penultimate installment of this 1972 adventure the Daleks true plans are revealed. The Doctor and Lt. Davis manage to sneak their way in to the heart of the Dalek camp, where the they confront the supreme Dalek, who recognises the Doctor immediately. Our two heroes manage to escape, by splitting up and causing maximum confusion, but eventually, the Doctor is cornered by the dock, with no escape... beautifully drawn by stalwart brit strip artist Gerry Haylock, this story concludes next time.

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DrGaz said...

Hey Dalek Links!
Thanks for your comment over at my blog. Can you send any pics of your un-built Sevans Dalek? and the packaging etc. It would be fantastic to include it in my blog's "Sevans Dalek Vault" If you have a scan of the instructions that would be even more mind-blowing!
Of course I would give you full credt and link to your blog!


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